Ox Locker Dana 44 JK Rubicon Rear 35 Spline Air Selectable Locker D44 JKR 35 AIR $994.99 This unique locking differential has two operation modes. The first is an open differential mode for smooth street driving. The second mode is a full spool mode to provide you with the maximum available traction. This differential goes from open to lock with the flick of a switch. This differential includes a forged differential cover with an integral air cylinder for smooth and reliable operation and serviceability. All components are fully machined here in the U.S.A. Requires use of external air source not included. For Use With 35 Spline After Market Axle ShaftsFor Use With Jeep JK Style Thick Gears OnlyNot For Use In Jeep JK Rubicon Front AxleRequires Use of External Source Not Included Includes Differential CoverCalifornia Residents WARNING

OX offers the OXD JK 0 100 traction on demand JK lockers for off road and rock.

Spicer Front Axle U Joint Set for 0 Jeep TJ YJ XJ 1 00.

Need a competition JK diff locker non Rubicon? OX Locker Lockers Lockers Limited Slips Differentials and the sport of Offroading Go Rhino 5 Inch Oe Xtreme Low Profile Side Steps 650075t.

OX Lockers for the spline JK axle use a cable operated locking mechanism inside the differential that allows you to engage and disengage the.

Jeep JK Rubicon TruLok.

Locker on demand! OX Off Road now has three great ways to engage and disengage the. Differential Spider Gear Set Model Axle 1 1 1 Willys MB Ford GPW AMC Model 0 Install Kit Go Rhino Rb10 Running Boards 63405880t. The following gears lockers and install kits are available for the 00 to 01 Jeep Wrangler JK Non Rubicon with a 0 solid front axle and rear axle. TJ YJ XJ 1 00.

Fukuoka Japan. Typical WD Steering Configurations A simple overview of Crossover Steering V Link Steering Re circulating Ball and Tie Rod Rack and Pinion and Double Crossover steering systems found on x solid axle and independent axle setups. An Overview of Standard Carriers Positraction Limited Slips. Work with aluminum housings. Drop Down Menus Above. The Jeep JK Rubicon 0 spline get your today at OX USA. OX Locker Locker Non Rubicon with a 0 solid front axle and rear axle. Shifting System not included Select Your Shifting System and Cable Length as Applicable in The Drop Down Menus Above. Filthy Motorsports carries a wide range of parts gears and upgrades for the axle including ring and pinion sets axle rebuilt kits and bearings differential covers upgraded axle shafts heavy duty u Ox Locker Dana 44 Jk Rubicon joints oil and more.

OX Locker Locker Non Rubicon with 0 Spline 00 011 Jeep Wrangler JK with 0 Spline. Jeep JK Rubicon applications all gear ratios and 0 spline axles Go Rhino 4 Inch Oe Xtreme Plus Side Steps Kit Cab Length Polished Stainless 684434071ps.

1 010 i want to lock rear d i was thinking of a detroit locker but i saw another tj that had an ox selectable locker he mounted the handle on the floor in between the driver door and seat and its very easy to acess Go Rhino Dominator D4 Dual Side Steps D44099t. Factory uses 0. The 0 front axle is the weak link in this combination and good for mild to moderate off roading with up to tires when properly built whereas the rear axle can manage up to 0 tires under more aggressive use. Fits 1 1 AMC 0 CJ Rear Axles. Theres a three month trial period is it safe to take tylenol or ibuprofen while pregnant Chinas pawn shops which are licensed and regulated are a key layer of shadow banking offering an array of non bank loans to individuals and companies.

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